Warm & Toasty

One of the few things I love about the cold weather is candles. I pretty much have a candle lit anytime I am home from September-April. There is nothing cozier to me than laying in bed with your book, laptop, or school work with your favorite candle burning. These are some of my latest candle obsessions!

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1. Cranberry Woods – Bath & Body Works

My all time favorite candle. I usually have about 3 in my closet at a time. This candle is very unique. It’s a blend of cranberry and the scent of nature with a touch of cinnamon and raspberry.

2. Winter – Bath & Body Works

This candle is the epitome of all things winter. It smells like someone captured the scent and comfy feeling of lying in front of a fireplace on a snowy day.

3. Tis The Season – Bath & Body Works

So maybe I’m just in denial that the holiday season is official over but I cannot get enough of this candle. It smells like cider, apples, and pine all combined.

4. Therepe Natural Soy Candle – Home Goods

Soy candles are everywhere these days and I can’t get enough of them. This is definitely my go to relaxation night-time candle. It smells clean and fresh with a bit of vanilla.

5. Sugared Apple – Yankee Candle

This candle is a combination of apples, sugar, and vanilla. It’s the perfect combination of sweet and fruity. I love it.

Along the same line, I’ve also been obsessed with this Yankee Candle Tart Warmer I got for Christmas. Since there is no flame, I can keep this one for hours – sometimes I’ll even sleep with it on. Yankee Candle sells the candle tarts all for about $2! I definitely recommend Tart Warmers for all my fellow candle lovers out there!



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