Makeup Geek Pigments Review

Glamorous eyes are a great way to spice up your winter look

I love wearing shimmery eye looks in the winter and I love pigments for that reason. MAC is known for their pigments and while I can’t deny their beauty, their price (typically about $21) doesn’t always make it a practical option. So when I heard about Makeup Geek’s Pigments for only $6.99, I had to try them!

This pigment by Makeup Geek is called Utopia. This pigment is definitely one to save for special occasions.  It’s a very unique color with dark brown/light black undertones and gold shimmer. It’s a BEAUTIFUL color – I’m obsessed with it. The dark undertones can be a bit intimidating for anyone who doesn’t usually go for a dark eye (like myself), but the shimmer really helps to tone down the dark brown/black. Although it is very pigmented, it does not come out as dark as it looks. With the glitter, this can get a bit messy so you will probably need to do some cleaning up after applying. Overall, I really like this pigment. It’s a great color for special occasions or a night out. Very glam!

This pigment is Sweet Dreams. I originally wanted New Year’s Eve but it was out of stock and I’m impatient, so I got this one. I have to be honest, I wasn’t sure if I would really get much use out of this pigment. However, I LOVE it! This color is a beige/pink with just the right amount of shimmer. It works great as an inner corner eye highlight. It is the perfect shimmery shade to really brighten up that inner corner. I also love using this as a shadow all over my lid with a matte brown in the crease. Sweet Dreams is definitely not as glamorous as Utopia, it is more of an everyday wear type of pigment. I love it though – it’s beautiful!

Left – Sweet Dreams

Right – Utopia

Overall: I really like these Makeup Geek Pigments. I would definitely recommend them. They are both beautiful, unique shades and give a lot of color (which pigments don’t always do).  I can’t wait to try more!

MAC pigments are a bit bigger. However, due to the great pigmentation, you use very little product. Pigments can be a bit messy and take some time getting used to (practice makes perfect!) Use the product sparingly – a little goes a long way!

Makeup Geek


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