These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

First let me start by saying that I cannot believe January is over. It flew by! It really feels like yesterday I was celebrating New Years. With the holiday sales, Christmas gifts, and such, I found myself using a lot of new products this month. I wanted to share with you my January favorites!



Craft & Borrow Black Booties – Kohl’s

I actually found these on Black Friday but got them as a gift on Christmas. New Years was my first time wearing them and I have been obsessed with them ever since. I’m a baby when it comes to any type of heel. As much as I love the look of them, I always hate wearing them and end up in tons of pain. These are the first pair that I actually enjoy wearing. They are super comfy for work or a night out. I can’t get enough of these! Love them!

Large Circle Scarf – I AM

It has been brutally cold in New York this winter. I have been pretty much obsessed with anything that keeps me warm. This is a large circle scarf that wraps around your neck just once. It’s very, very thick and really keeps you nice and toasty. This has become a staple in my everyday attire.

Spiky Statement Necklace – Nasty Gal

I love statement necklaces. I’ve been obsessed with them lately. They are such a great way to dress up any outfit. This one has definitely been my favorite this month. It’s hard to tell in the picture but it has clear spikes on the bottom. I love how plain this necklace is (colorwise) because I can literally pair it with anything.

Hair & Body

Agadir Argan Oil Spray Treatment

My hair has been BRUTALLY staticky this winter. I’ve found that spraying this in my hand and rubbing it throughout my hair really helps to tame the static (dryer sheets also work great!). Plus, this product smells great. It can be a bit expensive but it lasts forever.

Shea Sugar Body Scrub

My skin gets extremely dry in the winter – especially my legs. Using this body scrub a few times a week in the shower really helps to exfoliate and get rid of dry skin. I always make sure I use this before I self tan (see below!). This stuff also smells amazing. Body Scrub can be expensive  but stores like Christmas Tree Shops usually has them for much cheaper!

Victoria’s Secret Self Tan Self Tanning-Tinted Cooling Gel

I have always loved Victoria’s Secret self-tanner. I usually try to stock up on them during the Semi-Annual Sale because everything is so cheap. I had never used this one before but I decided to give it a try. I actually really like it! The tan does not last very long so you definitely have to use it quite often to maintain a tan (I usually do it like every 2 days). However, the tan is instant which I really like. I get very very VERY pale in the winter so it’s amazing to find a product that can transform me from casper to tan within minutes. I’ve also had no problems with this causing me to turn orange which is great! Definitely wash your hands as soon as you’re done because it dries fast!

Victoria’s Secret Night Perfume

This is one of Victoria’s Secrets newest perfumes. It literally smells amazing. I got it for Christmas and I cannot get enough of it. It’s a very unique smell that’s warm and mysterious. VS describes it as having “a sensual cocktail of sparkling fruity notes, exotic florals, dark woods and sultry musks.” The packaging is also beautiful. I love it!

Buy My A Cameo Essie Nail Polish

This color is BEAUTIFUL! I love it. It’s a rose gold. This nail polish is practically the Naked 3 Palette captured in a bottle. It’s amazing. New favorite nail polish for sure.


Sephora Smart Liner

This is the first of the “easy application” style of eyeliners I’ve used. Although they do look easy to use, I was always a bit skeptical. However, the shape of the eyeliner (see better picture below) makes it really easy to draw a perfectly straight line. I really like it! It’s great to use when you’re in a rush and don’t have much time to spend perfecting your eyeliner.


Pixi  Subtly Suntouched Bronzer

Since I get very pale in the winter, I typically have to buy all new face makeup. I have been obsessed with this bronzer for this time of year. It’s a much lighter color than my normal bronzer (Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess) and it works perfect for my pale winter skin. I purchased mine at Target for about $18.

Rimmel Nude Delight & Estee Lauder Crystal Baby Lipstick

I can’t get enough of nude/light colored lipstick lately. Both of these colors have become part of my everyday makeup routine. I love them! I love the effortless and natural look these barely there colors give.

Naked 3 Palette

This is a new purchase for me so naturally, I am obsessed with it. I absolutely love the rosy gold colors. Some of my favorites are: Burnout,Buzz, Limit, Nooner (see my Naked 3 Palette Matte Eye Tutorial!), Liar, and Darkside (love using this as an eyeliner).

What are your January favorites?


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