Beat Chapped Lips This Winter

If you haven’t already noticed, I am not winter girl. This winter in particular has been brutally freezing (and snowy). All the cold and dry weather has taken a serious toll on my face, and in particular my lips. By the time I take the five minute walk from my office to my go to lunch spot at Barnes and Noble, my lips are already extremely chapped. Here are some of my favorite winter lip products to help with extremely dry lips:


If I am just looking for quick relief for chapped lips, I typically go for the colorless options because I find it the easiest to apply (especially when in a hurry without a mirror). Vaseline is probably my biggest lip product obsession (if you can’t tell from the picture). I love using Vaseline on my lips year round but it is pretty much a necessity in the winter. It leaves lips feeling extremely smooth and relieved from ANY chapped patches. However, if you have any colored lip product on your lips, the Vaseline will probably rid of it once applied. Also, I recommend using a small amount of Vaseline to avoid an overly shiny/almost sweaty looking lip. My favorite chapstick is Avon Moisture Therapy. I should probably add that I am practically a chapstick expert. Well actually, I am just chapstick obsessed. Let’s just say I grew up with the nickname Chappy (no, that is not a joke). I have tried tons and tons of chapsticks throughout my life and this one will always be my favorite. It’s so silky and leaves lips super smooth. Plus, it’s extremely cheap! Another colorless/shineless lip product I love is eos. eos is a lip balm so I don’t find that it provides quite as much relief and moisture as other products, but it gets the job done. Somedays I will go without any lipstick or lipgloss and just apply eos. My favorite flavor is Sweet Mint – it almost tingles on your lips!

Caramex Soothing Lip Balm is another great lip product. I don’t use this product on a daily basis. I usually save it for days when my lips are extremely, extremely chapped. I would compare it to the Blistex Medicated Lip Ointment, which is for severe dryness and cold sores. This product also leaves a shiny sheen on lips. Another product with a glossy finish is the  Hemp Chanvre Lip Protector from The Body Shop. It provides great relief and hydration because it is specifically designed for extreme weather conditions. I’ve had this product forever so I’m not sure if it still comes in the same packaging (online it seems as though it now comes in a chapstick-like container).

If you are looking for a colored lip product that will also provide relief to chapped lips, I recommend L’Oreal’s Colour Riche Balm (mine is the color Tender Mauve). This lipstick is SO smooth. It will definitely do the trick while giving a nice mauvey yet shimmery color. Another great colored lip product is the Maybelline Color Whisper. I have a few of these but the one pictured is Coral Ambition. It’s a pretty light pink/coral color. My last colored lip product is MICABEAUTY Tinted Lip Balm in Fiesta. This product is very pigmented so I usually only use a very small amount. It’s a pink color that is much brighter than the other two products. It is smudge-proof and stays on forever!


4 thoughts on “Beat Chapped Lips This Winter

  1. Hi! Very helpful post! Just want to add something, though – the hemp lip protector is from the Body Shop, not Bath & Body Works. Both companies have nice lip products. 🙂

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