Manicure Madness

I never used to be the girl who painted my nails on a weekly basis. However, a few months ago I became absolutely addicted to gel manicures. Now I hate having unpolished nails. As much as I would love to keep getting gel manicures weekly, I need to cut down for both my (now fragile) nails and wallets sake. I’ve been giving myself at-home manicures all the time to fill my sad void of not getting gel manicures regularly. I wanted to quickly share with you guys this new, beautiful nail polish I discovered (even though I think I am pretty late on the bandwagon with this).


Fiji by Essie. In the winter seasons, I typically go for a dark or shimmery nail color. I wanted something different so I picked up this color. My sister started going on and on about what a nice color it is. In my head I was thinking “it’s just a light pink? How special could it be?” I now get it! After using it just once, I am completely addicted/obsessed/in love with Fiji. It is the perfect pale pink color with almost a whitish sheen. It’s different from all other light pink nail polishes I’ve used. It’s seriously like a pink paradise on your nails. I applied 3 coats of it because it is a light color – however, you could probably do with just 2 coats. The only downside is it will make you seriously crave the summer! Plus side?! (besides how pretty it is) the light color makes even your palest winter skin look tan!

essie fijiLK1006-detail


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