Lusting for Lush


I always fall in and out of love with Lush products. When my local Lush store first opened, I was obsessed with it. I would go shopping all the time. Over the years, I’ve been going less and less – until recently. I’ve been on a serious Lush kick lately. Every time I start using their products again I wonder why I ever stopped. Lush products are so fresh. They do wonders for the skin, hair, and body. Everything comes with an expiration date because they are made with fresh ingredients. Their products come with a sticker saying when the product was made, by who (with a cute little picture), and when to use it by. I wanted to share with you guys some of my recent purchases from Lush as well as some of my all time favorites.

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I have very oily hair. I typically have to wash my hair everyday (yes I know that is bad for your hair but I have no choice! I’ve always had very oily hair). I Love Juicy is a shampoo specifically for oily hair. It is made for those who have to wash their hair constantly, like myself. I actually really like this shampoo. It provides a great deep cleanse for my hair. I also find that it gives me extra softness and volume. I will usually use this shampoo once or twice a week – when I feel like my hair needs a really good cleaning. I found that the smell of I Love Juicy takes some getting used to. It has a very fruity/mango-y smell and is made of mango, pineapple, kiwi, and papaya. It might just be a personal preference but I was not crazy about the smell at first. The expiration period is about 1 year/a year and a few months. Overall, this is a great product and really works to clean your scalp to provide beautiful, squeaky-clean hair!

No Drought is Lush’s dry shampoo. I LOVE this product. It is one of my favorite dry shampoos. It has a similar texture to baby powder which I really like. It is very easy and quick to use – all you have to do is pour it into your hands and rub it into your scalp. I find that No Drought really helps to absorb oil and add volume. It literally transforms your second day oily hair into soft, voluminous, tamable locks. The smell of No Drought definitely makes up for I Love Juicy. It has a citrus scent that just makes your hair feel clean. It is made of lemon, lime, and grapefruit.  This product lasts forever! The expiration date is over 2 years. I bought mine in December 2012 and it expires the end of this month.


I was fairly skeptical about trying the bar soaps. In the past, I was never a fan of this type of soap. I felt like they always got slimy and gross but I was surprised at how much I like Lush’s soaps! Sea Vegetable is my latest obsession. I LOVE this soap! First of all, it’s so pretty. It’s such a beautiful blue and the different colors blend together and look so awesome. It is made of seaweed, sea salt, lime, and lavender – it smells aaaah-mazing! It makes your skin extremely soft and hydrated. I use this almost everyday. Sea Vegetable is Lush’s best selling soap and I completely understand why!

The other bar soap I purchased is Porridge. This is the first Lush product I’ve used that I’m not crazy about. It is made specifically for sensitive skin (which I have) and has oats in it to exfoliate. However, I’ve found that this soap is way too harsh on my skin. The oats seem to irritate my skin more than cleanse it. I also don’t find that this product lathers up very well. The soap looks like it would have a milky texture once it hits water but I don’t find that Porridge gets soft enough for my sensitive skin. I think I will skip this soap next time!

Face Masks

I am absolutely in love with Lush face masks. They make me feel like a new person every time  I use them. I loveee them – I can’t say it enough! First, let me start by saying that my skin type is sensitive and oily (oily hair- oily skin…I’m so lucky!). Both of these face masks work great for my skin but if you go to your local Lush store, they will help you find the perfect face masks for your skin type! Also, their face masks are made fresh. They are kept refrigerated and have an expiration date of about a month (small tip – I use mine for a week or two after the expiration date, when I bought my first one the girl helping me told me as long as they smell and look alright, you can still use them after the expiration date). That being said, the face masks can’t be bought online because they can’t be shipped. They are only sold in Lush stores.

Catastrophe Cosmetic was my first Lush face mask. It’s a blueberry deep-cleansing mask perfect for sensitive skin. It smells like blueberries and is blended with calamine, rose, and chamomile blue oil. The first time I used this, I was amazed. My skin was SO soft! I was running around telling every person I came into contact with to touch my face. It was smoother than a baby’s bottom – I swear! It’s extremely moisturizing too – great for the winter months. I would definitely recommend this face mask.

Love Lettuce is one of their exfoliating face masks. It really helps to clean and wash your skin. As soon as you put this on your face, you can feel it working. It hardens after it dries and you then exfoliate it off. It’s made of seaweed, lavender, almonds, and honey (fun fact – there’s actually no lettuce in it). I love this face mask for when I need a good deep-cleaning. Love Lettuce is for all face types. It’s a great, fresh face mask!

What are your favorite Lush products?


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