Simple Sundays

IMG_9955-002My Go To Minimal Eye Makeup Look

As much as I love glam makeup looks, I also love natural and simple looks. Most Sundays I go makeup free but if I have plans or some errands to run, I go for an easy minimal look. This is my favorite “no makeup makeup” look for days when I want to look nice and put together but still very natural. Since we can’t all look like Beyonce, this is close enough to waking up flawless right?


The Finished Look

To start, I prime my eyes with Urban Decay’s Primer Potion. When I’m going for a natural look, I will typically use a light matte eyeshadow or a color close to the color of my skin. I applied the pink/beige color from the Almay Palette  (421 trio) pictured above to my entire lid (the palette doesn’t give names for the shades so I apoligize!). Limit from the Naked 3 Palette is another great color to use for the lid. Next, I take my Tarte Bronzer in Park Ave Princess and apply it into the crease. I love using my bronzer as a crease color for everyday looks because it blends really nicely and looks very natural. I use Sephora’s Smudge Brown Liner on my tightline. (brown eyeliner is not as harsh as black) Next, I use the dark brown color from the Almay Palette as my eyeliner. Using an angled eyeliner brush, I lightly press the brown shade into my lashes. My goal here is to make my lashes look fuller rather than to make my eyeliner noticeable so press the brush down into your lashline. I then use my Nude Rimmel Eyeliner on my bottom waterline. Using a nude eyeliner helps to widen eyes and make you look more awake. Curl your lashes and apply your favorite mascara – I used Maybelline The Rocket (sometimes I will use a brown mascara with this look – my favorite is em Michelle Phan). Lastly, I take the lightest color in the Almay Palette and apply it in the inner corner of my eye and on my brow bone as a highlight. And vuala! You’re all set!


What’s your favorite natural eye makeup look?



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