February Fashion Finds

IMG_0341-001As usual I’ve been doing quite a bit of shopping lately. Even better, I’ve been finding quite a bit of sales. Every time I go into a store I tell myself I’m not going to buy anything but the deals have been so good lately that I just can’t resist! These are some of my favorite steals of the month:

IMG_0348-001Faux Shearling Jacket
Forever 21 $21

I’m so excited about this! I’ve been wanting a jacket like this for awhile now but all of the ones that I’ve liked have been fairly pricey. I found this one on clearance at Forever 21 for $35 and was still undecided about it. As much as I love it, I have so many jackets – BUT I caved in and to my very pleasant surprise, it rang up for only $21! (Outerwear is an extra 40% off right now)


Royal Blue Scarf
Target $4.48

This type of royal blue is one of my favorite colors to wear. When I saw this on clearance for under $5 I couldn’t resist. I will definitely get a lot of use of this scarf year round – it’s such a versatile color that you can wear for any season.


Black Booties
Urban Outfitters $19.99

I have a serious obsession with black booties. I love these and I’m so excited I found them. The heel is very small so they are extremely comfortable – perfect for wearing to work all day.


Navy Blue Suede Wedge
Nine West Outlet $30

I love these! When I found them at the outlet, I couldn’t decide if I wanted them. I really wanted black but the closest they had was this dark navy (they appear brighter in the picture than they really are). I am so glad I bought them! They are very comfortable and I’m starting to really love the color. I have so many black shoes – it’s nice to incorporate another color!


Pink Statement Necklace
Forever 21 $6.80

I thought this was such a pretty color for spring – and $6.80 for a statement necklace? SOLD!


Forever 21 $5.80

I love these! I thought they were so different. I love earrings like these cause they can be dressed up or down.


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