Relaxation Routine



Between the stress of work and school, there is nothing I like more than relaxing at night. As much as I enjoy going out and hanging out with my friends, I am a homebody and I love laying in bed watching movies with a facemask on sipping tea. These are some of my favorite products for nights when I just want to stay in and relax.

1. Makeup Remover

There is really no better feeling than wiping off your makeup at the end of a long day. It’s one of the first things I do when I get home (right after I change into sweatpants which usually happens about 30 seconds after I walk through the door). I love using the Neutrogena Makeup Removing Cleansing Towelettes. They are super gentle on my sensitive skin. They are also so easy and fast to use – no water required!

2. Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Body Bar

When I’m stressed and want to relax, I love to shower. Even though a lot of people complain about showering because it’s a bit of a hassle – I love it. If it wouldn’t mean having to redo my hair and makeup, I would shower 3 times a day if I could. This soap is my newest obsession. I’ve never used any of the aromatherapy products from Bath & Body Works before but I’m so glad I tried this! The one I have is Eucalyptus Spearmint for stress relief. It’s so soft and nourishing. It also smells minty and amazing. You are supposed to breathe in deeply as you use it for best results.

3. Self Tanner

Using self tanner after the shower is one of my favorite things to do. First of all, I absolutely love the smell of self tanner. It reminds me of summer and the beach – and what’s more relaxing than that? It also gives me an excuse to lay around in my towel and avoid getting dressed after showering. My current favorite self tanner is Victoria’s Secret Self Tanning Tinted Spray or Lotion (I have both – Spray pictured above). This is the type of self tanner that shows up instantly which I really like. I’m very pale and very impatient so I like tanners with instant results.

4. Lip Scrub

Who doesn’t love soft, exfoliated lips? I love doing lip scrubs and applying a moisturizing chapstick or vaseline after. The lip scrub I use is homemade ( how I made it ) and leaves my lips feeling amazing.

5. Face Masks

I loveeeee face masks. They are just oh so relaxing and I love how my skin feels after I use them. Lush has some of my favorite face masks but one of my favorite store brand face masks is Alba Botanicals Even Advanced Deep Sea Facial Mask. It’s super smooth and creamy but really gets down into my pores to give my face a great deep cleaning.

6. Candles

I have a sick obsession with candles. I cannot be relaxing in my room without one. There is something about a candle burning that creates such a calm and relaxing atmosphere. I have been loving this Bath & Body Works Coconut Leaves candle lately. Even though it is technically (finally) spring, it feels like winter is never going to end (it’s still freezing here in NY!). This candle reminds me of summer and the beach and being tan and basically everything I am currently craving.

7. Sleepytime Vanilla Tea

This is probably my favorite discovery of the month. This tea is seriously amazing. It has both spearmint and vanilla and it tastes so so so good. It also has an aromatherapy type of scent and smells amazing. Laying on the couch drinking this tea while watching tv is one of my favorite ways to wind down before bed. It just relaxes you – it’s the perfect pre-bed tea.


11 thoughts on “Relaxation Routine

    • Yes – I use soap and water when I shower to remove the rest of my makeup and really clean my skin (I use Cetaphil and other products mentioned in a previous post on my nightly routine). I usually use the makeup wipes when I first get home before I shower though 🙂

      • Ah, that’s a relief. Sorry, but I sort of cringed when I read that you use wipes to remove your make-up. I would die not to be able to wash my face with soap and water before going to bed!

        I know it sounds exaggerated, but it’s true. :-s

      • Good to know! The thought of not washing my face after a long day’s work freaks me out. Also, I shower more than twice a day if I can. I just can’t stand the humidity here in the Philippines!

  1. I don’t know if you can get Pukka Tea over in the states, but it is my FAV brand. I drink their ‘Night Time Tea’ every night before bed. It is to die for – it really helps you relax and is just delicious!!

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